Week 1: Review of Data Visualization

Stat 431

(Since Week 1 consists of review of Stat 331 material, you should be able to skip some of the required readings and viewings. It is your responsibility to decide which areas you need to review before diving into Stat 431.)

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 6 min
     Readings: 0-90 min
     Activities: 0-15 min
     Check-ins: 2

Extra Resources:

The Grammar of Graphics

You should feel comfortable with:

  • Knowing what goes into an aesthetic (aes()) versus the geometry (geom_*())

  • Identifying these elements of existing plots

Required Video: Grammar of Graphics with ggplot2

Check-In 1: Grammar of Graphics

Identify the elements of the following plot as

  1. The aesthetic
  2. The geometry
  3. The scales
  4. None of the above

  1. The x-axis is age
  2. The y-axis is “Urge to run up the down escalator”
  3. The y-axis ranges from “Weak” to “Strong”
  4. This is a line graph
  5. The two lines are “What I was supposed to feel” and “What I’ve actually felt”
  6. The lines are labeled with text
  7. Only even ages are labelled
  8. Stick figure people are sliding down the line

Canvas Link     

Using ggplot2

You should be comfortable with:

  • Using the “big 5” geometries

  • Changing optional arguments.

  • faceting

Required Reading: RStudio Primer: Data Visualization

Recommended Reading: R4DS Chapter 3: Data Visualisation