Week 0: Setting up Git and GitHub

Stat 431

All your assignments for Stat 431 will be recieved and submitted via GitHub. This page will take you through some practice activities, so you can get used to everything.

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 45 min
     Readings: 0 min
     Activities: 30-90 min
     Check-ins: 5

Extra Resources:

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Required Video: Intro to Git and GitHub

Check-In 1: Make a GitHub Account

Create an account on GitHub.com, if you have not already.

Ideally, your username will be related to your real name, e.g. “kbodwin” rather than “SuperKrazy2000”. However, this is not required; choose whatever username you prefer. In particular, if you want to avoid making your affiliation with this course public in any way, you may want to anonymize your account.

Make sure that your @calpoly.edu email is linked to your account. (This is under the Email section of Settings on GitHub.com. You do not need to make your @calpoly email your primary email, nor do you need to make it publicly viewable.)

Canvas Link     

Check-In 2: Make a repository

Create a private repository called “About Me”.

Create a new text file. In it, answer the following questions:

  1. What is your year and major?
  2. What are you most excited to learn in Stat 431?

Take a screenshot of your repository. It should look similar to 9:43 of the video.