Week 2: Creating Maps with the Leaflet Package

Stat 431

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 37 min
     Readings: 15 min
     Activities: 60 min
     Check-ins: 3

Extra Resources:

Creating Maps

Maps are fantastic and complicated all at the same time!

Maps are some of the richest visualizations around because they come with data built into them. That is, on top of whatever data you’re going to plot you are also probably going to view terrain, roads, state/country borders, city names or a host of other information that come with our geography.

This implicit richness only adds to challenge of creating a good map. Observe the following recent tweet for a silly example of how maps can be…difficult.

Ah maps…

And there is no shortage of map data visualizations on the web, but all too often this is what we end up with: