Week 2: ggplot Extensions

Stat 431

Time Estimates:
     Videos: 21 min
     Readings: 30 min
     Activities: 60 min
     Check-ins: 5

Extra Resources:

Custom Colors and Themes

A huge part of making a compelling and convincing plot is your choice of color and layout.

Your first video will take you through some great core principals of visualization. Then your two short readings will show you the basics of manipulating colors and themes in ggplot.

Required Video: What makes a nice-looking graphic?

The Glamour of Graphics - William Chase

Or, if you prefer to click through the slides, they are here.

Required Reading: Colors and Palettes

Required Reading: Themes

Extra Resources:

Check-In 1: Custom Colors

  1. Briefly explain the difference between:
  • scale_color_continuous()
  • scale_color_discrete()
  • scale_fill_continuous()
  • scale_fill_discrete()
  1. Which of the above would you use to change the colors of the bars on the following plot?

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